Automotive Parts and Systems

We are most prominent manufacturer and exporter of automotive parts and components in the country. The company has developed a good relationship with some of the most renowned brands in the field of automobile OEM sphere in India. We are very excited to increase our production on regular basis. 

Exterior Parts
Front & Rear Bumper Systems Body Side System Green House System

Bumper Facias

Head Lamp Cover



Bumper Protector

Wheel Cover

Door Stuff

Garnish Cowl (Wind Shield), Assy.

Interior Systems
CockPit Systems Side Wall System Over Head System

Instrument Panel

Glove Box

Air Vent System

Crash Pad, Bezel

Instrument Cluster Housing

Bottle Holder,Pin Holder, Ash Try

Air Duct,Nozzle Defroster

Seat Back, Seat Belt Holder


Trims Front and Rear Pillar Assy